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Conference – Terms of Scholarship

The Terms of Scholarship are below:

  • You affirm that the information provided in your application is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge, and you acknowledge that the Grant Professional Foundation and its Scholarship Committee will be relying on the information provided in determining scholarship awards to the Grant Professionals Association Annual Conference.
  • In the event you are selected as a scholarship recipient, you agree that the scholarship will be provided in the form of a credit tendered by the Grant Professionals Association and applicable only to registration for the Grant Professionals Association Annual Conference (and any other provisions, if any, specifically stated above for the scholarship for which you apply). You understand that you are responsible for any other expenses relating to your attendance at the conference.
  • You also understand that there is no cash equivalent for the scholarship and that the scholarship is not refundable or transferable, and applies only to the Grant Professionals Association Annual Conference.
  • You agree to provide the Grant Professionals Foundation with 1) two hours of volunteer service during the Grant Professionals Association Annual Conference; 2) your presence at an awards ceremony organized by the Grant Professionals Foundation to take place during the conference; 3) your presence at a group photo shoot during the Annual Conference; and 4) an essay (1,500 words) regarding your attendance at the conference, its value to you as a grant professional and the impact of this scholarship within 90 days after attending the Grant Professionals Association Annual Conference.
  • You agree that the Grant Professionals Foundation and/or the Grant Professionals Association may publish your name or identifying information, photographic likeness and statement on its website or in any electronic or print communications, identifying you as a scholarship recipient.
  • In the event that you cannot attend the conference for any reason, you agree to inform the Grant Professionals Foundation immediately and understand that an alternate awardee will be selected in your place. This alternate will be selected by the Foundation Scholarship Committee based on results from the scholarship review.
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