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ANNOUNCEMENT: Scholarship Recipients 2017

The Grant Professionals Foundation is delighted to announce the winners of the 2017 Scholarships.

  • Jane Arney – Georgia Peach Scholarship
  • Nancy Battersby – St. Louis Chapter Scholarship
  • Gabriele Beck – Greg Bair Memorial Scholarship
  • Jackie Beyer – Tracey Potter Doe Memorial Scholarship
  • Leanne Cardwell – Arizona Founding Chapter Scholarship
  • Holly Craw – Arizona Founding Chapter Scholarship
  • Konstandina Dulu – Becki Shawver Memorial Scholarship
  • Jana Gowan – Nora Stombaugh Memorial Scholarship
  • TJ Hansell – Arizona Founding Chapter Scholarship
  • Eileen Harris – GPF Scholarship
  • Laura Horochowski – Arizona Founding Chapter Scholarship (AZ Resident)
  • Fielding Jezreel – St. Louis Chapter Scholarship
  • Josh Martin – GPF Scholarship
  • Kristin Pazulski – GPF Scholarship
  • Lauren Petersen – Pamela Van Pelt Memorial Scholarship
  • Amy Shankland – Susan Kemp Memorial Scholarship
  • Shriya Sooya – GPF Scholarship
  • Wendy Strain – Chuck Howard Scholarship

Thank you donors and friends of GPF. Please share the wonderful news! If you know any of the recipients, Congratulate them on their achievement.

For more details. Contact us:

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